What is chiropractic? Ask Dr. CardwellChiropractic is a profession based on the scientific fact that the human body, when functioning properly, is a self- regulating, self-healing organism that can maintain itself in a very healthy state, free from malfunction, which we have called disease. It does this amazing balancing of external and internal stimuli by the innate wisdom inherent in our Nervous System.

This system is so vital to our survival, and yet so delicate, it is surrounded and protected by a very durable yet flexible bone, ligament, muscle and tendon structure called the skull and spine. These incredible bones, when aligned properly, allow musculoskeletal integrity, and full function of this nerve system, which along with good nutrition, exercise, rest, etc. results in excellent health.

Not Feeling Well?

However, when not aligned properly, our musculoskeletal system cannot function at it’s best, we suffer physical discomfort, and the very bones whose function it is to protect the nerves, will exert pressures that injure the nerves, and prevent their proper function. If left uncorrected, physical damage, and ill health will inevitably result. Modern Chiropractors are trained to realign people, restoring health without the use of drugs.

Physical symptoms of the musculoskeletal system can include muscle tension, joint pain, headaches, neck or lower back pain, etc. as well as a variety of health challenges, from asthma to indigestion, etc. Wherever the nerves are not functioning, the body will also malfunction.


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